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  • Taking Care of Black Skin

    Black skin naturally contains more melanin pigment than white skin and has a slightly different cell structure as the collagen fibres are more compact and denser. Because of these physiological differences black skin has specific requirements when it comes to general skincare and the type of products and treatments needed.

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  • Common Newborn Skin Conditions

    Dry skin can occur as the skin acclimatises to being in a dry environment (remember the womb is an aquatic environment). Moisturising your baby’s skin with a simple, natural edible oil such as organic sunflower or coconut oil can help to reduce the dryness and keep the skin hydrated.

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  • Birthmarks

    It can be quite alarming to notice your newborn has a birthmark, especially if it has a strong pigment and appears quite large. Most birthmarks however are harmless and often fade over time.

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  • Keeping Your Baby Safe & Happy in the Summer & on Holiday

    The higher the SPF the more protection the sunscreen will offer against harmful UV-B rays, however no sunscreen blocks out 100% of UV-B rays, as indicated by the following figures: SPF 15 blocks out approximately 94% of UV-B rays, SPF 30 blocks out approximately 97% of UV-B rays and SPF 45 blocks out approximately 98% of UV-B rays. After this however any higher SPF is negligible in its extra efficacy.

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