Pregnancy - Month by Month

This section tells you what to expect in your pregnancy, month by month, from how your body changes to the growth of your baby.

  • Routine Antenatal Care – 37 to 42+ Weeks

    If you decide to go ahead with Induction of labour or, as is most likely, you go into labour spontaneously, this will definitely be your last Midwife appointment! Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

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  • Routine Antenatal Care – 28 to 36 Weeks

    A routine antenatal appointment is offered to all women at this gestation. As well as the usual blood pressure, urine and abdominal palpation, you might also like to ask your Midwife about your birth plan at this time. This is also about the time when NHS antenatal classes are held, though this varies from trust to trust.

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  • Routine Antenatal Care – 12 to 25 weeks

    If you have decided that you would like to have screening in pregnancy, it is around this time that you will have those initial blood tests taken and the first ultrasound screening scan. If you have decided to decline all screening, then you will be offered a midwife appointment instead.

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  • Routine Antenatal Care 6-12 Weeks

    If you are booked for NHS midwfery care (ie you are classed as ‘low risk’) your schedule of antenatal appointments is likely to follow the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (otherwise known as NICE) guidelines. If you have additional medical needs during pregnancy and require consultant care, you may have extra appointments and care than those described below.

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