Information and advice for parents of three to four year olds. The toddler years may be over, but the school years have not yet begun and this stage carries with it unique challenges and blessings. Our articles will empower you to understand and connect with your preschooler.

  • A Mother’s Account of Why She Believes in Gentle Parenting

    Why do I believe in gentle parenting? Because I have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of the seeds I have sewn and there is no greater feeling that realizing you have helped mould a human being you would be proud and honoured to know, even if she wasn’t your child.

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  • The Importance of Playful Parenting

    Playful Parenting helps with the toughest aspects of parenting: tantruming toddlers, biting preschoolers, anxious third-graders, out-of-control preteens. Playfulness resolves our battles over getting dressed and ready in the morning, soothes our frazzled nerves at the end of a long day, and restores family harmony.

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  • Six Steps To Work Towards Gentle Parenting

    As adults we command respect from our children, and other adults, on a daily basis. We expect to be treated in a certain way, we expect others to take our thoughts, rights and beliefs into account in all dealings with us. If a child in particular shows us a lack of respect we are quick to pull them up on it (especially if they are tweens or teens!), yet do we afford our children the same priviledge?

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  • Time Out or Time In?

    They don’t need ‘Time Out’, they need ‘Time In’. We should see their behaviour as their way of saying “mum, dad – I’m feeling overwhelmed right now, I can’t stop doing this and I need your help to calm me and help me to control myself”. Time out is exactly the very opposite of the response they need from us.

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  • The Problem with Rewards & Sticker Charts

    When you start to dig deeper into the psychology of rewards, such as sticker charts, you very quickly begin to realise that there is a large amount of science that refutes their use, claiming they are ineffective. Not only do these types of rewards lack in convincing evidence of efficacy, they can also cause more problematic behaviour in the future.

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  • Starting Daycare

    Perhaps the most important thing to really think about when you need your child to be in daycare is to pick the right setting and right person for them. As a general rule under three year olds do better with ‘one on one’ homebased childcare such as childminders and nannies. It is a mistaken belief that babies and toddlers “need to socialise” with other children of their age, this simply isn’t true.

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  • What to do When Gentle Parenting Isn’t Working

    Gentle parenting is hard, it is an investment, an investment into your child’s future as well as your own and those that will follow down the generations, but it’s not quick fix and it’s not easy. Gentle parenting also involves a long hard look at yourself and the way that you behave and indeed the way that you were parented – this introspection can be perhaps the hardest and most painful part of all, but in many ways it is the most necessary.

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  • The Importance of Relaxation for Children

    Children who have relaxation as part of their daily routine are often calmer, more in control and able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Subsequently, parents feel calmer and family life is generally happier. However, some children find stopping and becoming still without any stimulation incredibly difficult. It is best to start in very short bursts so your child enjoys the experience rather than finds it a chore.

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  • Natural Term Breastfeeding

    Far from causing psychological problems and the clingy, dependent children that society fears when ‘extended breastfeeding’ is mentioned in hushed tones, children who are given continued comfort through long term breastfeeding tend to grow up to be incredibly secure and self-reliant.

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