Snuzpod Co-Sleeper Crib

Date: May 23, 2014

We asked Gentle Parenting’s Lorraine and her one week old baby boy to test the Snuzpod bedside crib from Little Green Sheep, here’s what she thought:


We were lucky enough to be asked to review the Snuzpod co-sleeper cot for our newborn baby. We follow the SIDS recommendations to keep baby in our room with us whilst asleep for the first 6 months, but found with our previous babies that it wasn’t long before they outgrew their moses basket and we then had to contend with having the space in our bedroom taken up by a full sized cot – not ideal.  We have also bed shared with our babies on occasion, but again it is good to have a bit of extra space to stretch out.

The Snuzpod appears to be the ideal solution to keep baby close, but without the need to bedshare and without taking up the whole bedroom. The Snuzpod comes as a flatpack so the first challenge was to put it together. The instructions are clear and it took just under an hour for my husband to construct it, with our 6 year olds help.
aansIt looks very smart and clean and feels very sturdy. The cot part comes off the stand and can be used during the day downstairs, as you would a moses basket off the stand. It is fairly lightweight and easy to carry, though I don’t think it is quite as easily portable as a moses basket.

The cot can be gently rocked (in or out of the stand) and the stand itself also has a useful shelf which has come in handy for storing spare nappies, cotton wool etc for nighttime nappy changes. To make it into a cosleeper, the front panel of the cot unzips and straps are used to attach the cot securely to the side of your bed. The base of the cot is adjustable to account for different bed heights and mattress depths, and we managed a firm and secure fit against our bed.

From our newborn’s point of view, it seems perfectly comfortable and he is quite happy to settle in it. Transferring him to and from the cot for night time feeds is much easier than with a moses basket as you don’t need to lift over the side of the cot and down to the base – you can do a simple transfer to the side. This appears to cause minimal disturbance to our sleeping baby which is a blessed relief from the put down, pick straight back up again that happened with the moses basket!

The only criticism we have at this point is that the fitted sheet for the mattress doesn’t fit. It is far too small and the mattress curls up inside the cover. Whatever we tried, the cover simply didn’t fit and it is a little disappointing that this fairly big design fault hasn’t been addressed. In the end we used a flat sheet, which works perfectly well.

The snuzpod scores highly on looks and functionality. It is more expensive than moses baskets, but I am confident that it will last much longer, as babies do tend to outgrow them well before they are 6 months old. I think it also offers a solution for parents for whom bed sharing isn’t an option, as it still maintains closeness to your baby at night but with baby having their own sleep surface.


The Snuzpod comes in a choice of four colours and costs £169 without a mattress and £199 with a mattress. It can be purchased from the Little Green Sheep website.