Ragdale Hall Spa, Leicestershire

Date: April 11, 2014

We asked GentleParenting review panel member Laurie and her husband (new parents to a two month old baby boy) to test the spa day experiences on offer at Ragdale Hall Spa, Leicestershire, here are their thoughts:


aaaragWhen my husband and I were offered the chance to review Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa we jumped at the opportunity. After the birth of our little boy ten weeks ago, we were worried we might never again have a conversation uninterrupted by crying, feeding or an emergency nappy change.

Ragdale Hall has a fantastic reputation and it certainly lives up to it. We were immediately made to feel welcome by the wonderful staff, many of whom have worked there for decades.

After lunch in the beautifully decorated Verandah Bar, where we both felt conscious that a tiny little noisy person was missing from our presence, we settled into the Thermal Spa. With a plethora of different  experience rooms and 4 pools, we were spoiled for choice. A particular highlight was the outdoor waterfall pool which made us feel we were somewhere far more exotic than Leicestershire! The spa makes wonderful use of aromatherapy, sound and lighting to ensure even the most stressed of parents can switch off.

After a gruelling few hours of relaxing I left my husband in the Mind Gym and crept off to enjoy a delicious brownie and latte over a book followed by a restorative nap in The Retreat, a wondrous room filled with beds, chaise lounges and floor cushions where exhausted spa-goers can snuggle up  under duvets.

My husband has never been a fan of spas, yet he willingly conceded that Ragdale Hall is very male-friendly, with lots of activities on offer if he’d wanted to get out and explore the beautiful grounds. My biggest worry was that I’d feel conscious of my post-baby body, however  it was hard to feel anything but comfortable  in such a peaceful environment.

We set off for home having  reconnected as a couple and feeling recharged and ready to experience all the joys and challenges of parenthood.


The Ragdale Experience Day costs £87 per person on a weekday and includes use of all facilities and a light lunch.