Pacapod Moab Changing Bag

Date: April 10, 2014

We asked GentleParenting review panel member Laura, and her 3 month old baby,  to test and review the Pacapod Moab Changing Bag, here are her thoughts:

aaa“I’m usually a bit of a ‘just shove it all in and rummage around’ kind of person, so this bag was a new experience for me! In terms of how it looks it’s very smart and sophisticated, and in terms of practicality it’s all about the organisation.

The concept of the PacaPod is that the bag contains changing and feeding ’pods’, separate bags within the main bag. The feeding pod is insulated to keep a bottle cool; the changing pod comes with a changing mat with a comfy headrest. There are plenty of different pockets which are labelled with suggestions on what could be kept there. The pods are really useful as when you need to change your baby’s nappy you don’t need to take the whole bag in to the toilet, just the small changing pod.

The beauty of the PacaPod is that there is a place for everything so, once you have remembered where you put things, there’s no rummaging at all, and anything you need can be easily located, usually with one hand. Half the bag opens with a zip to reveal the two pods, there is also extra room in here, I keep my flask for warming bottles here. The feeding pod is actually a mini rucksack so could be used separately for older children’s food.

The main compartment of the bag has a buckle design but actually opens with clips under the buckles, I did find this a bit tricky to open one handed but everything else was a breeze to access. The other half of the bag does not have as much space as appears if the pods are in the bag, but there is plenty of room to keep things in here, so on many occasions I now don’t need to take a separate handbag, the PacaPod can hold everything I need.

It comes with straps to attach to the pram to clip the bag on to the pram, which is really useful. The bag I have is dark grey and my husband is also very impressed and happy with it, we feel the look and design appeal to both sexes. The bag is very well made and of a high quality, as you would expect for the price. I love it! I’d sum it up as super organised and stylish!”

The Pacapod Moab Changing Bag is a blend of wool mix with a leather trim, it retails at £175 and is available from a range of stockists.