Go Ape – Thetford, Suffolk

Date: June 3, 2015

We asked Gentle Parenting’s Lorraine and her two children, aged 7 and 9 to review the Treetop Adventured at Go Ape in Thetford Forest, Suffolk. Here is what they thought:

Go Ape Thetford Forest Review

We went to Thetford Forest Go Ape with our two eldest boys, aged 9 and 7. They are tall enough to do the junior treetop route and we prebooked a time online before we set off. The website was easy to navigate and booking was straightforward.

The location is fairly easy to find and there is plenty of parking. It actually wasn’t all that busy when we got there and we could have got away with not booking, but I imagine on days when the weather was more certain to be fine that this would be essential!

Having completed a form with parents contact details, we went to the start / practice area. The staff on hand to help the children were all very pleasant – really helpful, positive and encouraging. Adults can accompany children who might be more nervous, or children can do the route by themselves. They are safely attached to a guide wire for the whole route, but the route is very high. I’d strongly recommend that you do accompany your child if you are not sure how they will cope with the height. The cost is for an hours play on the course, so you can go round as many times in that hour as you like.

Once they had gone past certain points, the children had to complete the course as there was no other way to get down. This did cause some delay as several children got “stuck” and too anxious to complete the course on their own. Again, the staff were brilliant at coaxing these children round, encouraging without being pushy. As there had been quite some delay during our allotted hour due to children getting stuck, the staff allowed children to stay on past their hour to make up for time they’d waited for others to finish the course.

Children who didn’t complete any of the course at all were refunded, which the staff did without the adults even asking for a refund. Children completing the course were given a round of applause and a certificate. The sense of achievement shone  from our sons’ faces when they completed the course with the zip wire.


After our time on the treetop adventure had finished, there was still lots to do – there are several bicycle routes, forest to explore, playground that is suitable for younger children, large grassy areas for picnics and ball games etc. There’s also the option for older children and adults to do the longer, more challenging treetop adventure, or to have a go on Segways.

The only real criticism is that the food and service at the cafe left a lot to be desired. In stark contrast to the staff manning the treetop adventures, the cafe staff appeared disinterested, miserable and unhelpful. The food was not worth the cost – it was dried up & unappetising. I’d definitely recommend taking a picnic!

We had a fabulous time and the Go Ape adventure itself was brilliant. We will be going again.

For more information visit the Go Ape Thetford Website.