Diva Milano Woven Wrap

Date: April 29, 2014

We asked GentleParenting Review Panel member Claire, and her toddler, to test and review the Diva Milano Veneziano 100% cotton wrap. Here are her thoughts:



I fell in love with this wrap as soon as it emerged from the box – the design and colour are beautiful, somehow classy, eye-catching and yet understated at the same time. It could well be THE perfect jeans wrap!

But, perhaps more importantly, even pre-washing it was surprisingly soft and once through the washing machine and tumble dryer it was well on its way to becoming blankety soft, becoming lovelier with each wear. As well as being soft, this is a lovely, light wrap that will work in all seasons. It has just a little stretch and is a joy to wrap with, gliding nicely into place but with the patterning giving it enough grip to give you a solid wrap job, while the weave gives great support.

A double hammock with my 4 year old son (ok, I confess, he’s a Slim Jim) felt comfortable on my shoulders and that he could have stayed there a while – his review: “yes mama, I like this carrier, it’s comfy, can we keep it forever? Can I get down now?”. Can you tell he’s used to me trading the ones that don’t make the grade?

Another big plus is that this Diva is wide, wider than most of my other wraps at 75cm, making it a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers as well as babies. My main wrapee is the little sister, an independent 2 year old, so being able to get a quick ruck nice and high on her back in this wrap is a huge bonus!

For me this Diva is pretty perfect! I’ll be grabbing it through the summer to wear with jeans (with faded knees from playing with the children on the floor – we all have those right?) and a boring t-shirt, knowing that while it will be carrying my children in comfort it will also make me feel stylish. It definitely adds a little luxury and to me that’s worth the pennies!



The Diva Milano 100% cotton woven wrap comes in several different designs and colours. It retails for £115 and is available to buy online here.