Cuski Swandoodle Gift Set

Date: April 11, 2014

We asked two of our GentleParenting Review Panel members to review a Cuski Gift Set, consisting of a Cuski comforter and a Swandoodle giant bamboo swaddling muslin. Here’s what they thought:


Laura and her 5 month old baby girl:

aaa“The Cuski and Great Swandoodle gift set is such a wonderful thing!  The Cuski comforter is beginning to have a really positive impact on my daughter.  To explain, I have been bed-sharing with her since birth; my husband and I had never planned it that way, but she had other ideas!

I nurse her to sleep and during the night, she stirs several times and wants to latch back on in order to fall asleep again.  I don’t mind this, I just side-lay nurse her and we both drift off again, but I was concerned about the quality of our sleep with these constant stirrings.  I wanted to help her (and me!) sleep better in gentle ways, so I recently attended a very good BabyCalm sleep workshop.  My teacher suggested the use of a comforter, introducing it between us while she nurses so it picks up our combined scent.  After a week or so of doing that, I’ve now managed a couple of times to gently snuggle her up to her Cuski as an alternative to latching on…small steps, but significant ones!

She also likes to cuddle her Cuski when we’re out and about, so I can see it becoming a firm friend – I may well have to invest in a second for when her original one needs a wash!  The Cuski is really soft and clearly picks up scent well, and the shape makes it really unique.

As for the muslin, it’s made from such beautifully soft bamboo and the size means it has a multitude of uses.  So far, I’ve used it folded a few times as a lighter alternative to a blanket when the weather has been a bit warmer, and as a light cover over the buggy when she’s been sleeping.  I can also imagine using it as a cover-up in the summer months.  It’s truly lovely and has quickly become my favourite muslin!

I think this is such a lovely set and it would make a perfect gift for new parents.



Rebecca and her 4 month old baby daughter:

aaaOur 4-month-old daughter loves comfort sucking, so we were considering giving her a dummy as a replacement for finger sucking. However we fear the trauma of having to take a dummy away at a later date, so the potential that the cuski could become an alternative to a dummy which she could suck on safely was very attractive.

Initial impressions – simple packaging, nice berry colour, soft, breathable material, slightly ghostly look to the design. I followed the instructions which advised you infuse it with the smell of a parent before giving it to the baby then I introduced it to my daughter – at nap-times, when out and about in the buggy or car-seat and other times at home when just sitting with mummy or in her bouncy chair.

After around 10 days of use, my daughter seems relatively indifferent to it. She is not particularly keen on sucking on it, still prefers her fingers or a muslin. She will occasionally grab hold of it and certainly doesn’t object to it, but has not embraced it as a comforter as I had hoped. So, in conclusion I would say that this has potential as a safe, breathable comforter which comes in nice colours and lovely soft fabric, which is easily washable, but it failed to be a hit for us.

Along with the cuski came the ‘great swandoodle’. Again it is a lovely soft fabric but I failed to see the point of it. The box suggested it is useful for mummy and baby as a sarong, breastfeeding cover, sun-cover, swaddle blanket etc. However I didn’t like the design enough to wear it as a sarong, I don’t use a breast-feeding cover and we aren’t currently using a swaddle for our daughter.  I would have made more use of a pack of smaller muslins rather than one extra (and I really mean extra) large muslin.


The Cuski Swandoodle gift set retails for £30 and is available in a range of colours from a range of stockists.