Cosyplay Play Mat

Date: April 10, 2014

We asked two GentleParenting review panel members to test and review the Cosyplay memory foam play mat, here are their thoughts:


Charlie and her 8 week old son and 3 year old toddler:

aaa“We love the Cosyplay mat! The mat is lovely and soft due to the fleece cover, along with the memory foam padding. This makes the mat perfect for lying on for tummy time, and having a stretch and kick. This will be ideal for when my baby is starting to learn to sit up as the padding is thick enough for him to have a soft landing and prevent banging his head.

The fleece cover can be unzipped to wash which is really handy, but it also wipes well and dries quickly. The colours of the mat are lovely and bright and catch my son’s attention during tummy time.

The mat has even been ideal for my three year old who uses it as an island or a boat or wherever his imagination takes him to each time he plays with it. He also likes to play games to match the colour dots on the mat, he has managed to find lots of uses for it! It’s nice to have a soft surface where my three year old and baby can play together.

We will make lots of use of this in the garden too when the weather improves as it’s waterproof underneath which means we can put it out on the grass and have a nice place to sit and play outside.

Overall we are really pleased with this mat and would recommend it for babies and toddlers alike!”


Claire and her 3 month old daughter and 2 year old son:

aaa“It was great to be given the opportunity to review this mat having just had our second baby – a little girl.  We have a 2 year old boy so chose the polka dot design which is lovely.

As soon as the mat was delivered, our toddler decided he was going to share the space with his sister and before I’d even put her on it – he was there.  He spends a lot of time sitting there now, reading or playing with his toys.  I join him there with his sister as it really is ‘cosy’.

The outer layer is really snug, feels like a well loved blanket and is really lovely.  We all love to lie on it, faces together and snuggle in.  The memory foam is such a good idea as well and adds to the cushy, cosy feel.  My husband was always complaining about his knees on the floor playing but loves the mat.

I wasn’t sure what this mat had that would top the other ones on the market but we have two of those and no longer use either.  This mat is so inviting and strangely is always warm.

We’ve washed the outer later and it came out brilliantly and dried really quickly – unlike other mats that we’ve had to
drip dry over the bath in the winter months.  Would absolutely recommend this mat, storage may be an issue but not for us as we never put it away!”


The Cosyplay mat is available in a choice of six colourways. It retails for £85 and is available from the Cosyplay website.