Canny Mum All-In-One Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

Date: December 22, 2015

I was excited to try this product as it promised a natural and gentle alternative to disposable wipes and liners.

All-in-One Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

All-in-One Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

We currently use a mixture of both cloth and disposable nappies and wipes, so I felt I had some good points of comparison.

The liners/wipes are packaged in a large roll containing 200 tear-off sheets- initially they look a lot more like liners than wipes. First impressions of the liners/wipes themselves when I took them out of their wrapper, was that they have a lovely sheen and are beautifully soft, softer than any disposable equivalent I’d ever used before. As they are perforated it is simple to tear off the number you need. They give the impression of a high quality product from the start.

I wet some sheets to use for my little boy’s nappy change. The sheets are very robust – I tried to tear one and it took some force!

Compared to cloth wipes, they are less “grippy”, and not as good at removing solids, but were about the same in performance as a typical disposable wipe. I took some out with me dampened in a wet bag, and this worked well, as the large roll they come in is pretty impractical to take out with you. The wipes really come into their own when used on hands and faces, and we kept the roll near the dinner table for use there. My son and I both had a cold recently, and the wipes, used dry, were gorgeously soft and gentle tissue replacements for sore noses!

I have been disappointed in the past with disposable nappy liners, as they have a tendency to scrunch up and not do the job they’re designed for. We generally use a fleece liner with reusable’s, but how would the Canny Mum 2-in1 compare? As liners they are large and cover a wide area of the nappy- the nappy pictured is a 35lb plus Wonderoo Real Easy and it easily provided enough coverage. I was pleased to find it wrinkled up a lot less than other disposables I have tried, and kept a good amount of cover throughout the nappy. Although the packaging promised that the liners were flushable if your plumbing is up to it, I decided not to risk it and binned instead. I think these liners would be a great alternative to fleece if you needed to use any products that are not cloth-friendly, and wanted to protect your nappies.

I felt happy to use the sheets on my son and on all the family as they are natural and environmentally friendly, and if I wet them myself I know exactly what is in them! It’s always great to have products that can be used for multiple jobs, too.

Tested by Claire Donnelly and her 19 month old son.

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