ByKay Original Jersey Wrap Sling

Date: April 10, 2014

We asked GentleParenting review panel member, Roxana, and her 8 week old baby girl to test the Bykay Original Jersey wrap sling. Here are her thoughts:


“This is a really good baby sling. It has been extremely useful as my baby girl has suffered from reflux from about 5-6 weeks old and it was really hard to get her settle as she always wanted to be held.

Since we started using the ByKay stretchy wrap sling she is much more comfortable as she is close to mummy and in an upright position. This also means I can get on with what I need to do as it was almost impossible to do anything before, but now I have both hands free, which is the best thing to have when you have another little one to look after at home.

At first it was a bit tricky to get the hang of putting on, but with a bit of practice and viewing a few videos on YouTube on how to tie it, I mastered the technique.

The sling is also very comfortable with the wide ‘straps’ across your back which really do distribute weight very well.

My loves being snuggled and often goes to sleep in it, which is very nice as I can feel her close to me. I only wish I had it from when she was only a few days old as I’ve read that babywearing can help with breastfeeding, and I really struggled with this.

The ByKay Original Jersey Wrap Sling is available in a range of colours and 3 different sizes. It retails for £49.99 and is available from a range of stockists.