ByKay Denim Woven Wrap Sling

Date: April 10, 2014

We asked our GentleParenting review panel member Jyll, and her 7 month old baby, to test and review the ByKay Denim Woven Wrap, here are her thoughts:


The ByKay Denim Woven Wrap is the type of wrap I considered before my daughter was born. I looked at several options for babywearing and hadn’t decided on which one when my mother found a soft structured carrier for the wee one.  We were happy to have the matter settled and wore the baby from day one. However, as she is 98th centile for height, we were struggling with getting her legs to sit properly in the carrier – even though it is meant to be used through toddlerhood.

After a few trials with a soft toy in place of baby, we got the hang of the woven wrap. I was pleased that it seemed much easier to get her legs into the M position. My husband had the first chance at the wrap with me giving instructions. He had a few circuits of the garden before I wanted a shot at it. As it was a lovely day, we headed down to the park. The day was unseasonably warm for March – I realised once we’d arrived at the park that, unlike with the structured carrier, my daughter and I weren’t stuck together with sweat as is usual for the two of us hot-natured folk.

At the park, we laid the wrap down. It made a lovely spot for her to crawl about on.

Since the wrap is denim, it matches everything…just like jeans! But, the proof is with the baby, after all. She was a bit non-plussed at our amateur attempts at tying it on, but once in was very happy. We knew she was comfortable as she was asleep in just minutes after we left the park.”

 The ByKay Denim Woven Baby Carrier is available in two colours, light and dark denim, and three different sizes. It retails for £79.95 and is available from a range of stockists.