Boba Wrap Sling

Date: November 2, 2014

We asked GentleParenting’s Lorraine, and her four month old baby boy, to test the Boba Wrap. Here are her thoughts:

photoThe box states that this carrier is suitable for babies 0-36 months, but our baby boy is well within the weight limits for this wrap which can carry from 7lbs (2.5kgs) up to 35lbs (15kgs), so we were happy to give it a try. It arrived in a smart box with clear instructions (with pictures!) of how to correctly and safely wear the carrier. Although I have used stretchy wraps in the past, it was good to have a reminder of how to use it, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

The wrap itself was lovely and soft. We were supplied with a wrap in a soft grey colour that my husband would be happy to use too.

Using a wrap is said to be a bit like tying your laces – difficult at first, but easy once you know which bit to cross over and tie! Boba’s instructions are to tie the wrap first, then put baby in and then adjust for comfort. To begin with it was difficult to know how tight to wrap the fabric against my body for best support when baby is in the wrap, but with practice this became straightforward.

I test ran the wrap on the school run. We use a walking bus system, so drive to a car park first. This means I have to wrap outside and in cold, wet weather speed is of the essence! The Boba was great for quick wraps as you put the wrap on before you leave the house and can simply pop the baby in and adjust when you get out of the car. The walk to school and back is about 30 minute. Baby felt secure and snug, the position was fine and comfortable. Baby was clearly comfy as he fell asleep on every journey!

The only downsides to the Boba is that is gradually loosens off after longer periods of wearing. A shopping trip in town, for example, meant I had to take baby out after a while and completely re wrap and tie to get the tension and fit comfy and supportive again.

I’d definately recommend the Boba for newborns and for shorter journeys, where you need a quick transfer into a carrier. Great as a starter wrap for those new to baby wearing too.


The Boba Wrap comes in several different colourways and patterns and retails from £38. It is available to purchase on the Slumber Roo website, click HERE for a very special discount code for all GentleParenting readers.