Boba 4G Carrier

Date: April 27, 2014


We asked GentleParenting Review Panel member Roisin, and her 7 month old baby, to test and review the Boba 4G carrier. Here are her thoughts:



The Boba 4G is a soft structured carrier ‘made with the help of mountaineering experts in Boulder, Colorado’. There have been times when carrying my chunk of a boy around without a sling has felt like an expedition! I’m tall, and have knackered my back through years of slouching, so I need my carrier to support my back as effectively as it supports my baby. So, I was pleased to discover that the Boba 4G is a remarkably comfortable, durable carrier.

I found the straps much easier to adjust than other similar carriers’ and this meant I could achieve a good fit easily. This is vital if more than one person is using it, or if- like me- you regularly reach for the carrier when out and about with your buggy, to avoid mini-meltdowns. No more struggling with fiddly straps in the rain for me!

In many respects, it is similar to other carriers such as the Manduca or Ergo, but has a few nifty features that make it stand out. The pockets solve the problem of where to keep your valuables when you’re carrying your little one and I love the additional strap to stop your bag from slipping off your shoulder. With the additional infant insert, it can be used from 7lbs to 35lbs and it comes with stirrups to keep your toddler comfortably in the optimum ‘M’ position.

In terms of design, it strikes a good balance between functionality and style. The ‘Tweet’ is particularly eye catching and gorgeous but there is a range of different colours and designs available.

The only thing that could be seen as a negative is the lack of a cross-back strap fitting on the carrier, as this is supposed to be better for your back. Personally, I found buckling up at the side whilst holding onto my baby too awkward to do alone, but my back was strain- free even after a long stint in the Boba.

I’d highly recommend the Boba 4G to anybody who wants an easy to use, supportive carrier that will see you and your little one through.


The Boba 4G Carrier comes in seven different designs, three patterned and two plain. Plain designs retail for £94.50 and patterns retail for £99.50. It is available to purchase on the Slumber Roo website, click HERE for a very special discount code for all GentleParenting readers.