Bewilderwood, Norfolk

Date: April 11, 2014

We asked GentleParenting member Sarah, and her 6, 9 and 10 year olds,  to review Bewilderwood in Norfolk, here are her thoughts:


We travelled to Bewilderwood in the second week of the Easter holidays and were blessed with dry, but chilly weather. We had visited the Bewilderwood website in advance and watched their promotional video to try to drum up excitement in the children, this backfired a bit as it scared my 6 year old daughter and we had to spend quite a bit of time reassuring her that any creatures that lived in the wood were friendly and not evil!

Upon arrival you have the option of travelling to the main part of Bewilderwood either by boot or by foot. The queue for the boats were quite long, we had to wait for around half an hour, but there was no way the children were walking, the boats looked too exciting!

The boat ride is very short, but I think perhaps one of the best parts of the day, the staff member in charge of the boat was very friendly and told us stories of boggles and twiggles on our journey which helped to dispel my daughter’s fears.

Bewilderwood is basically a very large adventure playground set in a forest. There are an assortment of large slides, climbing frames, a few swings and our favourite – the zip wires. Again the queue for the largest zip wires (mine weren’t intersted in the smaller ones) was quite long, at around 20 minutes, but this was definitely the favourite part of the day, made even better by daddy fallen over when he got off which caused much laughter.

As it was close to Easter for our visit they had a special Easter Bunny meet and greet section which was well run and laid out, but the Easter bunny was a very scary adolescent boy in a very poor costume who clearly was very bored. He gave the children a handful of mini eggs however which seemed to appease their disappointment in ‘the really bad bunny’.

We ate lunch in the main cafe which provided a surprisingly good assortment of fresh and healthy food including soup, sausage hotpots and ‘proper’ hotdogs. The children’s lunch boxes are also very good containing a roll, a drink, a yoghurt, crisps and a piece of fruit. The price was reasonable for this type of attraction where you sadly expect to pay more. It is possible to take your own picnic however and there were plenty of nice spots to picnic in.

In all our visit took three hours, during which the children covered all of the attractions at least once and often two or three times, so I don’t think there is enough to fill a whole day, but it makes for a nice morning or afternoon. Of course you are entirely reliant on the English weather sadly though and if it does rain you would be fairly scuppered.

On the whole we really enjoyed Bewilderwood, it was lovely to get the kids outside and active and away from computer games and the like. I don’t think any of them found it particularly ‘magical’, but they certainly enjoyed all of the climbing, running, sliding and swinging!


Entrance to Bewilderwood costs either £13.50 or £14.50 for adults (depending on dates) and either £11.50 or £12.50 for children between 92cm and 105cm tall (children smaller than 92cm are free).