A Girl For All Time – Matilda Doll

Date: April 11, 2014

We asked a member of our GentleParenting Review panel to review the Matilda Tudor Doll, by A Girl For All Time, here is what she thought:


Sarah and her 6 Year Old Daughter.

adollA Girl for All Time is a company offering beautifully designed dolls, with accompanying novels and keepsake books, designed for girls 6+ to explore history through play.

My daughter had recently covered the Tudors at school, and like myself as a child, she was fascinated with Henry the Eighth and his wives and was drawn by the beautiful and intricate clothing that they wore in the period. When given a choice of dolls to review, including Amelia – a Victorian doll and Clementine – a 1940s doll, she opted to receive Matilda. The dolls cleverly are designed around the historical periods covered in KS2 at school.

Matilda arrived in a beautiful presentation box and really does look even better in the flesh than she does on the website. The detailing is amazing, right down to the miniature key that she wears around her neck (which my daughter was particularly fascinated with). Matilda’s joints move in all directions as well meaning that play with her can be much more realistic than usual rigid dolls.

The first thing my daughter did when she received Matilda was to brush her hair, investigate her (historically correct) underwear and then sit her in her lap whilst she read ‘Matilda’s Secret’ the accompanying book. She stayed doing this for well over an hour.

That evening it was time to get Matilda dressed into her (once again historically correct) nightgown and cap, which prompted a discussion of clothing in the Tudor times. The following morning Matilda was dressed back into her daytime outfit of a beautiful velvet top, skirt and headdress whilst my daughter looked through Matilda’s ‘Keepsakes and Secrets’ activity book.

Two months later and Matilda is still a favourite toy that has also vastly increased my daughter’s knowledge of the Tudor period of history. What other doll provides such educational opportunities?

The only downside is the price, I understand how special the doll is and how it is really more of a keepsake than an everyday play thing, but I have been quite nervous about how she would fare in a house where dolls frequently end up with haircuts and missing limbs from too much skydiving. I explained to my daughter how special Matilda was and how she should take care of her and surprisingly she has done just that, aside from some slightly tangled hair Matilda looks as good as new as the day she arrived.

I’m now waiting for Amelia to be added to her Christmas list when she studies the Victorians at school next year!


Matilda is available from A Girl For All Time and is priced at £89.99, books and accessories are sold separately.