Connecta Integra Baby Carrier

Date: April 10, 2014

We asked GentleParenting review panel member Lavinia, and her 7 month old baby,  to test and review the Connecta Integra Baby Carrier, here are her thoughts:

aaa“I was impressed by how simple the Connecta carrier appeared. Our first carrier, a crotch dangler, had so many straps that I don’t think we managed to put it on correctly once.

The Connecta though simple in design is not the easiest to put on; when front carrying the shoulder straps need to be crossed at the back and buckled under the opposite arm, it does get easier with practice, but the first few times trying this when out someone was always asking me if I needed help. We do like that this carrier is easy to adjust to fit either me or the husband.

My boy quite enjoys being carried on my back but again this is not easily achieved, you put the sling on a chair, put your baby’s limbs in the appropriate place, turn around, lean back and strap on. The main problems are that it is a little uncomfortable leaning back and that my baby likes to eat straps and doesn’t stay still long. The instructions show an advanced carry method; I did attempt this once but found it a little scary so continued with the sit method. The accessory strap required for back carrying without the straps crossing between my breasts unkindly is bound to get lost as there is nowhere to store it on the sling when it’s not in use, a little stash pocket or somewhere to clip it would have been nice.

Once he’s slung though it is very comfortable for us both, I love the cuddle and he seems to enjoy the support on his bottom. He easily falls asleep in this sling; the head flap offers perfect support and is also handy for shielding him from the elements. The construction feels very solid and the fabrics a lovely quality.

I wish we’d gotten a carrier like this earlier, I always wanted to do more baby wearing but the crotch dangler was not conducive to this and now wee man is too active to be worn for long. It does seem that this is a good alternative to swathes of fabric particularly as the warm weather is on its way, it’s definitely quicker to put on.”

 The Connecta Integra Baby Carrier is available in a range of colours. It retails for  £62 and is available from a number of stockists.