Diva Milano Essenza Woven Wrap

Date: April 29, 2014

We asked GentleParenting Review Panel member Alex, and her 8 month old baby, to test and review the Diva Milano Essenza carrier. Here are her thoughts:



 I was very excited to receive a Diva Milano Essenza to review. I always admire Dive Milano wraps for their beautiful intricate designs, they always look so pretty and classy.
I have tried one other wrap from Diva Milano before – the Veneziano, and so I was interested to see how this ‘more affordable option’ would compare. The wrap is presented in a sturdy storage box and comes with a glossy instruction booklet. Out of the box the wrap was surprisingly thick compared to the other all-cotton Diva Milano wraps I have tried. I’d say it is a medium thickness and the pattern gives it a textured feel.

I had several comments on the colour (Lilla), whilst out and about. It’s a beautiful eye-catching pinky-mauve. Very pretty without being a sickly sweet shade.  I washed and ironed the wrap and it softened up quite a bit but will still need a fair bit of breaking in. It almost has the feel of a linen blend despite being all 100% cotton.
First off I carried my 8 month old baby, who weighs around 17lb, and found it grippy but easy to wrap with, despite baby’s tired protests. The wonderful texture of the pattern meant that this wrap, once in place, is solid and my baby didn’t budge on our 2 hour walk through the forest.  I didn’t find the wrap diggy on my shoulders or at all slippy, I think this is all thanks to the wonderful texture. I later attempted my nemesis carry, a double hammock,and was surprised to make the passes with ease and my chest pass tightened beautifully.

I genuinely think this wrap would make a great all-rounder for birth (once broken in and softened up fully) to toddler. It is supportive, grippy but not thick or difficult to handle. I can’t wait to see how it evolves during the breaking in process and I’m confident it will become a firm favourite for long walks over the summer as it feels light and breathable yet supportive.



The Diva Essenza 100% cotton woven wrap comes in several different designs and colours. It retails for £75 and is available to buy online here.