Use your BRAINS for a Better Birth

One of the keys to a more positive birth experience is feeling as in control as possible. Feeling as if you have been involved in any decision making can leave you feeling more empowered and more at peace with your experience, however your baby is born.

The following ‘BRAINS’ acronym allows you to question any element of your care and empowers you and your birthpartner to make informed choices. It can be applied to almost any situation.


two happy lesbian women, one of them pregnant, happy becoming a family

B is for Benefits.

What are the benefits of what is being recommended? How will it help you and your baby?


R is for Risks

What are the risks of what is being recommended? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? Or vice versa?


A is for Alternatives

What are the alternatives of what is being recommended? Are there any? If so are they more appealing?


I is for Instinct

What is your instinct telling you? Are you instinctively concerned about about something?


N is for Nothing

What happens if you wait for a while? An hour, a day or more, is it an option?


S is for Smile

Remember the midwives and doctors are on your side, you share a common goal – the safe birth of your baby. It is always better to smile and be confident than appear rude and aggressive.


Some also suggest the addition of a ‘T’ before BRAINS.

T is for Time.

How time sensitive is it? Do you have time to think things over and research alternatives – or is it urgent that a decision is made now?


By Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Our resident Baby and Toddler Expert.

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