8 Tips for an Easier Labour & Birth

There are no guaranteed ways to ensure that your labour and birth is straightforward, however the following tips can help to make the experience more positive and easier for all involved.


  • Choose good antenatal preparation classes. Ideally whatever classes you choose will answer any questions you and your birth partner may have. They will also leave you feeling empowered and confident in your abilities to birth, in whatever manner you choose.


  • Consider a doula or extra birth partner to support you, research shows births with doulas are faster, less painful and less likely to result in a C-Section. See more here.


  • Understand your rights to make an informed choice regarding your care. Do not be afraid to ask any questions you may have. See our article here for more information. See our article here for more.


  • Write a good birth plan, keep it short, perhaps using bullet points. Keep it realistic and keep open minded. On the day make sure that a copy gets passed to the midwife caring for you and a copy for your birth partner to keep to refer to. See our article here for more.


  • Put together a good birth kit. Think about the environment, battery candles for dimmed lighting, sunglasses to keep the light out, aromatherapy to scent the room with smells you love and so on. Consider taking a photo of somebody or somewhere you love to concentrate on, an IPod with your favourite relaxing music, some magazines and some food. See our article here for more ideas.


  • Immerse yourself in positive birth stories, don’t be tempted to watch dramatic ‘fly on the wall’ birth stories on television where the births are almost always selected for their shock and entertainment factor. The Positive Birth Movement run positive birth meet ups around the UK, for the sharing of positive birth stories and planning.


  • Be open minded, remember there is no such thing as a perfect birth, just a birth that’s perfect for you – however and wherever that may be.


  • Believe – trust in yourself, you CAN do this!


By Sarah Ockwell-Smith – Our resident Baby and Toddler Expert.

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