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GentleParenting is a website with ethics, written by experts you can trust. 

Our aim is to provide information for parents that is as evidence based as possible and always in the best interest of the child, as well as greater society. Our experts are some of the most respected in their field from world renowned parenting authors to midwives, GPs and Psychologists.




At GentleParenting, one thing that sets us apart from other parenting websites and publications is that every single one of our articles is written by a suitably qualified and experienced expert. We don’t employ journalists or copy writers because we think you deserve the best information possible.

We understand how difficult it is to parent in a sea of misinformation and well meant, but poorly thought out advice. We understand how confusing it is to be on the receiving end of advice from medical professionals and so called ‘parenting experts’ that conflict not only with each other – but with your own instincts too.

That’s why we set out to be a resource that you can trust.

Our experts are not only suitably qualified to give advice, they share a similar ethos to you too with a strong belief in gentle parenting methods. Our experts are some of the most forward thinking, revolutionary people in their field.


It is important to us too that as much of the information we give you as possible is backed up by scientific evidence, that’s why you’ll see clickable links in many of our articles, just click on them and they will take you to the appropriate research if you want to read more.

Hover your mouse on the ‘Our Experts’ title in the top menu and you will see a list of biographies of all of our authors, click on their name to learn more about them, their qualifications, experience and beliefs. We’ve also linked to their biographies from each of their articles too, so you’ll know exactly who has written the information – unlike some websites where the advice is author-less.


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