Toddler Products

  • Canny Mum All-In-One Bamboo Wipes and Nappy Liners

    I was excited to try this product as it promised a natural and gentle alternative to disposable wipes and liners.

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  • Beco Soleil Birth to Preschool Baby Carrier

    In all 3 of the carry options (front, back and hip), I felt the Beco distributed the weight beautifully. The straps are not too thin but then not too wide to be restrictive and the waistband itself, I found very comfortable.

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  • Diva Milano Woven Wrap

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  • Boba 4G Carrier

    There have been times when carrying my chunk of a boy around without a sling has felt like an expedition! I’m tall, and have knackered my back through years of slouching, so I need my carrier to support my back as effectively as it supports my baby. So, I was pleased to discover that the Boba 4G is a remarkably comfortable, durable carrier.

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  • Connecta Carrier – Toddler

    My daughter was very happy, especially as she learnt she could reach up and tickle the back of my neck! Amazingly my back was happy too and I found it very comfortable and loved being able to chat away to her as we walked. It’s definitely much easier now she’s a toddler and I don’t feel the need to take an enormous change bag out with us.

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