Parenting Books

  • La Leche League – Sweet Sleep

    ‘Sweet Sleep’, the new book from La Leche League, has a very tempting title! Which parent doesn’t want to find ways to improve their child’s and as a consequence, their own sleep?

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  • Sarah Ockwell-Smith ‘BabyCalm’

    Where do I start? I love this book! Firstly, the author Sarah Ockwell-Smith actually has children of her own. This is important to me as I personally believe that to know enough to write a book about parenting, you need to have experience of being a parent. Secondly, what she writes about is all backed up by evidence-based science, it is not merely someone’s opinion.

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  • Sarah Ockwell-Smith ‘ToddlerCalm’

    All in all this is one book every parent must read because it gives you a whole different perspective of looking at things from the eyes of your child. You should read this book if you have a nearly one year old so that you are more prepared and can benefit from all the lovely advice and experiences of the author as well as others.

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  • Carlos Gonzalez ‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’

    My initial reaction to Breastfeeding Made Easy was one of scepticism – a breastfeeding book written by a man?! The old adage of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ definitely rings true here! Gonzalez is clearly both knowledgeable and passionate about breastfeeding and his writing is empathetic, supportive and non-judgemental.

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