GentleParenting is a website with ethics, written by experts you can trust.

Our aim is to provide information for parents that is as evidence based as possible and always in the best interest of the child, as well as greater society.

We believe that all parents and children should be treated with respect.

We focus on empathic, compassionate parenting because we know how important childhood is and the far reaching and lasting effects of the way that we raise our children can have.

We are first and foremost parents, not a big money making corporation.

We may be small but with your help we think we can make a big difference.


What Makes us Different?
As well as promising to do all of the above, we do it in a manner that is as mainstream as possible. Our site is for all parents, no matter how they feed their baby, whether they use a buggy or a sling, whether they use a cot or bed-share, whether they birth at home or in hospital and whether they are pregnant with their first child or have a brood of six children.

Gentle doesn’t necessarily mean ‘natural’ and although we are keen to support the environment however possible we
welcome parents who use disposable nappies as much as those who use cloth. Our experts are some of the most respected in their field from world renowned parenting authors to midwives, GPs and Psychologists. Our aim is to be the ‘go to’ place for all parents and parents-to-be interested in a more gentle way of parenting.



Our Ethics

  • We support all parents no matter their parenting choices.
  • We provide information based on current scientific understanding.
  • We are mindful of the psychological and physical development of children.
  • Our experts really are just that. With appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • We do not promote infant formula milk, but we do support those who choose to bottle feed.
  • We do not promote the use of screen time for under 5 year olds, even if it is aimed at that age range.
  • We do not promote products that contain chemicals which may be harmful to children.
  • We do not promote the use of ultrasound scans for entertainment purposes
  • We do not promote products that interrupt the bond between parent and child.
  • We do not promote sleep training, when it involves leaving children to cry.
  • We boycott Nestle and Clarion.
  • We support parents from conception through to their child starting secondary school.


Between us we have ten children, one midwifery degree, one psychology degree, one business degree, two antenatal teaching qualifications, three published parenting books and a whole lot of passion and belief.


Left to right: Lorraine Berry, Sarah Ockwell-Smith and Kate Sutherland – GentleParenting Founders.


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